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High Appeals Court upholds jail sentence


Manama, Nov. 22 (BNA): The High Criminal Court of Appeals today issued its verdict in the case of a defendant convicted of purposefully spreading false rumours regarding the Kingdom’s internal situations, aimed to tarnish its reputation, Chief of Prosecution Abdulrahman Al Maawda said.

The High Appeals Court rejected the appeal and upheld the first instance court’s sentence in favour of convicting and penalizing the defendant.

Earlier, the Public Prosecution had questioned the defendant in the presence of his attorney, confronted him with the available evidences against him and referred him to the relevant court. The first instance court deliberated the case in the presence of his defence attorney who presented his defence argument. The defendant was provided with all the legal sureties until the court issued its implementable sentence to incarcerate him for two years.

The defendant appealed the first instance court’s sentence at the Court of Appeals which issued its above verdict by rejecting the appeal and upholding the first sentence.