18th Jordanian Chemical Conference Inaugurated

ِAmman, Sep. 12 (Petra) — Under the patronage of Her Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan and led by Dr. Fawaz Al-Abdulhaq Zaboun, President of the Hashemite University, the 18th Jordanian Chemical Conference (JCC18-2023) commenced this Tuesday.

The event, a collaboration between the university and the Jordanian Chemical Society, offers a forum for scientific discourse, fostering knowledge exchange, and spurring innovation.

The conference is set to be a melting pot for academic, research, and scientific collaboration, drawing together an esteemed cadre of international, Arab, and Jordanian scientists and researchers.

Dr. Zaboun highlighted that over 200 attendees will grace the conference, showcasing around 65 varied scientific contributions.

Central to discussions will be the latest chemical advancements and strategies to align Jordanian university chemical education with industrial requirements, fostering innovation and leadership.

Dr. Khaled Abu Tin, the Vice President for Scientific Colleges at the university, emphasized the conference’s role as a conduit for enhancing ties between local, Arab, and international chemical departments.

Significantly, the event will spotlight 28 scientific papers, accompanied by 33 scientific poster presentations.

The Jordanian Chemical Society’s President, Dr. Abeer Bawab, underscored the conference’s stature as a pivotal chemical event both locally and across the Arab world.

She accentuated the significance of fostering scientific partnerships among societies, universities, and the industrial realm, aiming to navigate and resolve challenges facing the Jordanian economy through dedicated research, innovation, and creativity.

Dr. Moza Shamsi, Secretary General of the Union of Arab Chemists, reflected on the Union’s contributions, emphasizing its role in knowledge transfer, idea amalgamation, and championing chemistry’s widespread applications.

She ardently advocated for increased collaboration with the Union, known for its diverse range of activities catering to Arab chemists.

Dr. Alaa Ifteha, Head of the Chemistry Department, viewed the conference as a testament to their department’s endeavors in elevating academic and research benchmarks in chemistry.

He also emphasized the value of the poster sessions as a platform for budding researchers to engage with seasoned experts, thus honing their communication skills and charting their academic and professional trajectories.

Coinciding with the conference’s proceedings, an exhibition is slated to showcase companies specializing in scientific apparatus, devices, and chemicals, offering specialized solutions catering to a myriad of research domains.

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12/09/2023 17:45:11