73 percent turnout in Bahrain 2022 elections

Manama, November 12 (Petra) Omar Al-Dahamsheh – The elections for the sixth legislative term in the Kingdom of Bahrain ended today, Saturday, to elect 40 deputies to the House of Representatives and 30 members to municipal councils, for the next four years, with a participation rate of 73 percent.
The Supreme Committee for General Oversight of Election Safety announced that the participation rate in the Bahraini elections reached 73 percent, which is the largest participation rate recorded in the history of the Kingdom, exceeding the participation rate in the 2018 elections, which amounted to 67 percent.
The Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for General Supervision of the Safety of Elections, Nawaf bin Muhammad Al-Maawda, stated that the number of candidates for the elections amounted to 507 candidates, including 334 candidates for membership of the House of Representatives and 173 candidates for membership of municipal councils.
And he indicated that the 2022 elections set record numbers for the participation of female candidates, as their number nearly doubled, with 94 female candidates running out of the total number of candidates, 74 of whom were candidates for membership of the House of Representatives and 20 for municipal council membership.
In a press briefing at the Elections Media Center this evening, he stressed that the high turnout recorded by citizens in this year’s parliamentary and municipal elections constitutes another milestone in popular participation in the parliamentary democratic process in the Kingdom of Bahrain, adding that the elections reflect the commitment of Bahrainis to lead and bring about positive change.
He pointed out that the process of monitoring the polls was carried out by 449 observers from 11 civil society institutions, which is the largest number of observers in the Kingdom’s electoral history, and took place under the umbrella of full judicial supervision at all stages of the electoral process to ensure its integrity and transparency. Free and fair democratic elections.
Al-Maawda said that Parliament is an integral part of the country’s democratic progress and national development, and has great authority in legislation and oversight of the work of the executive branch, including reviewing and approving the state’s general budget and government program, in order to enhance the approach of the rule of law and institutions.
It is noteworthy that the polling stations closed at 8 pm, after 12 hours of voting, which witnessed a turnout from various segments and groups of Bahraini society, to begin now the process of counting the votes, which will continue for hours.
It is noteworthy that Bahrainis residing abroad cast their votes on November 8, in 37 countries around the world.

11/12/2022 23:30:10