ACI, Saudi MCCI sign cooperation agreement..1st, final add

Jaghbir also called on mutually recognizing health certificates issued by the two countries’ food and drug corporations and the concerned authorities.

He also urged facilitating access of Jordanian businesspeople to obtain entry visas to Saudi Arabia based on letters of recommendation issued by industry chambers and helping the Jordanian industrial sector to enter major shopping markets in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, he called on Saudi commercial sector to give priority to Jordanian products as an alternative to international markets that are geographically far from Saudi Arabia and supporting the launch of commercial-industrial integration and investment coalitions between the two countries’ private sectors.

For his part, MCCI President, Munir bin Saad, stressed the importance of Jordanian industry, which has “high experience, quality and competitiveness,” lauding the two countries’ “deep-rooted, historic” relations.

Saudi investments in Jordan amounted to about $13 billion by the end of 2022, according to official data.

Volume of Saudi investment in Jordan exceeded $10 billion in the transportation, infrastructure, energy, financial and commercial, and tourism construction sectors, which added value to the national economy by creating job opportunities for Jordanians, the figures showed.

The Saudi Jordanian Investment Fund (SJIF), which is the fruit of long joint cooperation, also reflects efforts to integrate the two countries’ economies based on common interests.
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22/01/2023 18:00:38