Al-Hadid, president of Al-Faisaly Club

Amman, November 12 (Petra) – The General Assembly of Al-Faisaly Club elected Nidal Al-Hadid as the club’s president, in a new three-year term.

In the elections that took place today, Saturday, at the Sports Palace in Al-Hussein Youth City, Al-Hadid received 1003 votes, out of 1954 votes.

The elections that took place to select the members of the board of directors resulted in the victory of: Ahmed Al-Zarkana, who obtained 1,262 votes, Firas Hayasat 1023 votes, Firas Wereikat 927 votes, Ahmed Qteishat 916 votes, Aroub Al-Abadi 946 votes, Nimr Al-Sleihat 986 votes, Nassar Al-Haysah 841 votes, Ahmed Al-Awwad 747 votes and Lana Jaghbir 832 votes and Abdul Mohsen Maaytah 826 votes.

The elections began with the financial and administrative reports, and the recitation of instructions before the voting process began to select the members.



11/12/2022 21:35:08