Al-Khauli praises Cyprus’ request to review Syria’s status, calls on Europeans to take Lebanon’s interests into account

NNA – The General Coordinator of the National Campaign to Repatriate Displaced Syrians, Maroun Al-Khauli, praised quot;the position of the Cypriot authorities, member of the European Union, in requesting thatnbsp;the conditionnbsp;of Syria be reviewed bynbsp;ending its status as an unsafe country to which refugees cannot be returned.quot;

He said: ldquo;We express our deep dissatisfaction with the European position towards the serious humanitarian crisis facing Syrian refugees in countries neighboring Syria. We renew our appreciation and gratitude for the courageous stance of the Cypriot authorities.rdquo;

Al-Khauli continued,nbsp;quot;We strongly deplore the Lebanese government#39;s failure to follow this noble Cypriot position, and we call on the European Union to urgently re-evaluate the situation in Syria, as some areas there are considered safe…We must take into account Lebanon#39;s interests and deal wisely with neighboring countries such as Turkey, Jordan and Iraq.rdquo;

He considered that the current European position on Syrian refugees and displaced people in neighboring countries represents a quot;hugenbsp;disappointmentquot; and quot;conflicts with the values ​​of international relations and respect for the sovereignty and interests of states.quot;

quot;This position threatens all historical relations based on respect for the will of states and their peoples,quot; he asserted,nbsp;calling on the Europeans to quot;reconsider their position and stand by justice in regards tonbsp;the standards for receiving displaced Syrians in Lebanon, which exceed half of its population, while in their countries it does not exceed 0.20%.quot;