Arab league condemns far-right Israeli minister’s statements against Palestinians

Cairo, March 21 (Petra) – The Arab League Tuesday inveighed against the far-right Israeli finance minister’s “racist” statements that denied the existence of the Palestinian people, decrying the statements as “fanning the flames of extremism and fueling racism and reflect the far-right Israeli government’s nature.”

The Arab League General Secretariat said the minister’s reference to a map of Israel that includes Jordan is a kind of “absurdity that reflects complete ignorance of the facts of history and geography, and represents a flagrant provocation to national feelings and a departure from the simplest rules of politics and diplomacy.”

The General Secretariat held the Israeli “occupation” government responsible for the consequences of the minister’s statements and other extremist positions on public opinion in Palestine and the Arab region.

//Petra// AK
21/03/2023 22:15:09