Jamahiriya News Agency - AWJ

Jamahiriya News Agency “Og”

“Og” was founded in 1964 by a law that was amended in 1970 after the revolution. The number of employees was more than 300, most of whom were journalists, along with some technicians and administrators. The agency also had a number of offices abroad, including London, Paris, Rome, Valletta, Cairo, Tunis, Damascus, Rabat, and a network of correspondents in a number of world capitals.

At home, it had a number of branch offices linked to the main center in Tripoli, and correspondents in Shaabiyat across the various regions of the Jamahiriya. The agency had an ambitious plan to establish a number of offices and correspondents across the African continent, including east, west, central and southern Africa. “Og” was also an active member of the Union of Arab News Agencies, the Association of News Agencies of the Arab Maghreb Union, and the Association of News Agencies of Mediterranean Countries (AMAN).

The agency had close relations with the Pan-African News Agency “PANA”, which has a regional office in Tripoli, followed by a specialized Arabic section. The agency has been broadcasting since 1997 Ifranji via satellite, and it has a sophisticated computer system linking the agency’s offices at home and abroad with the main center in Tripoli.

The agency previously concluded a number of agreements with Arab, African and international news agencies for the exchange of news, pictures and joint cooperation in the field of work of news agencies.

One of the most important departments in the agency is the Editing and Translation Department, followed by departments for local and international editing, a department for following up on news received from the agency’s offices abroad, and a translation department, as the agency broadcasts in English and French in addition to the Arabic language. And from other departments; Technical, administrative, relations and planning.