Burkina Faso gives French forces month to leave the country

Amman, Jan 23 (Petra) – The Burkina Faso government Monday announced the termination of its military agreement with France, which allows its forces to be present in Ouagadougou.

According to Agence France-Presse, the government said in an announcement carried on national TV that its decision to ask France to withdraw its forces came from its desire for its armed forces to assume the task of defending the country with its keenness to continue obtaining support in the form of military equipment from Paris.

Ouagadougou gave French forces a month to leave the country. President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday that he was waiting for “clarifications” from Burkina Faso regarding its request for the withdrawal of the French forces.

//Petra// AK

23/01/2023 21:07:40