Chinese scientists design wearable sensor capable of monitoring facial expressions

BEIJING, 20th January, 2023 (WAM) — Chinese scientists have developed an ultra-thin, anti-microbial and breathing-friendly wearable sensor that can monitor human body movements and even subtle facial expressions.

The researchers from Tsinghua University and Xi’an Polytechnic University described their design in a study published recently in the journal Nano Research.

The sensor is a three-layered nano-generator with a sandwich structure, which can harvest renewable and abundant mechanical energy with high efficiency, according to the study.

The nanofibre in the middle serves to convert the mechanical energy into electricity, and it is plated by two nanofibre membranes on both sides, with a 110-nanometre silver layer on one side that serves as the electrode layer.

The sandwiched structure is only 91 micrometers thick and has a high air permeability and significant antibacterial effects, according to the study.

The study has revealed that the design demonstrates good sensitivity to human motion, indicating great potential for application in flexible self-powered electronic wearables and body health monitoring.