Egypt’s Ambassador to Sudan Confirms Depth of Sudan-Egypt Relations

Khartoum, April 11 (SUNA) – The Ambassador of Egypt to Sudan, Ambassador Hani Salah, has affirmed depth of Sudan – Egypt relations , saying should not allow anyone to influence on it.

He made the remarks at  Ankara Center for Press Services annual Ramadan Iftar yesterday at Omsiaty Hall in Burri town.

The Egyptian diplomat said that "I say my speech is not like speech of emotions, but this is an official and popular speech on the lips of more than 100 million Egyptians, all of whom know the value of the Sudanese people and the importance of relations between the two countries”.

Ambassador Hani, stated that, the view on you is great and it is a look of respect and appreciation for all that Sudan has provided to Egypt and we would not forget the Sudanese blood that was shed in Sinai and we would not forget your role in the 1967 war.

He cited that we would also not forget the role of Sudanese intellectuals in enriching the Egyptian cultural movement.