Executive standards for work-based learning launched

Amman, Mar. 16 (Petra) — The Technical and Vocational Skills Development Commission (TVSDC) and the Belgian Development Agency (Enabel) on Thursday launched the executive standards for work-based learning.

The operational standards for work-based learning, which came into force after approval from the Vocational Skills Development Council last month under the commission’s Law No. (9) of 2019, aim to familiarize stakeholders in the public and private sectors and employers with the learning methodology and the importance of practical and field exercises in refining skills within a real work environment.

“Work-based learning is the methodology in which the learning process takes place within a real working environment and conditions that result in the provision of tangible services or the production of goods,” said President of the TVSD Raghda Faouri.

“This type of learning includes on-the-job training according to vocational and technical education and training programs, apprenticeship programs, internship programs, and other types of training that meet the criteria for approving training programs for work-based learning,” she added.

Faouri said these standards guarantee the development of the national economy and provide it with qualified manpower in light of the alarming unemployment rates. This also requires strengthening the partnership with the private sector and aligning education outputs with the actual needs of the market.

For his part, Head of Cooperation at the European Union Delegation to Jordan Patrick Lambrechts stressed the importance of learning programs and their impact on macroeconomic revitalization, such as work-based learning.

He pointed to the importance of coordination with the private sector and the TVSD’s efforts to coordinate with other partners to make this program a success.

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16/03/2023 15:03:18