Saudi Woman …. Basic Pillar in Advancing Development, Building Society


Saudi Woman …. Basic Pillar in Advancing Development, Building Society


Riyadh, April 24, 2020, (SPA) (FANA) — With her thoughts and actions, the Saudi woman has succeeded in advancing the national development. And she became an active partner in evolving the society, achieving qualitative leaps in different fields, including the fields of science, economy, politics and socially.


With the keenness of Saudi Arabia’s wise leadership to support, enable and promote the role of Saudi woman in different fields, the woman in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is moving forward and contributing remarkably to the future of her country.


The Saudi woman, with the trust of the wise leadership, continues serving the society and the country. Since 2015, the social, economic and civilian reforms process has witnessed unprecedented steps aiming at empowering and strengthening the Saudi woman to achieve success in different fields; therefore the government issued new rules and regulations related to woman. According to the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030, the Saudi woman is a basic pillar, contributing to various aspects of development. The programs and the executive initiatives related to Woman in the Saudi Vision 2030 has strengthened her position and transferred her hopes into real achievements.


The Saudi woman is witnessing an exceptional phase, represented in her actions to serve the society. In recent years, the Saudi woman has accomplished different achievements, especially in the social aspect for its deep connection with the nature of a woman and her responsibility towards her family and the society. Many women in Saudi Arabia are now known as leaders in the social sphere, filling positions in universities, ministries and institutions, concerned with enabling and rehabilitating women in the labor community.


Arab Women’s Committee under the umbrella of the Arab League declared Riyadh as the Capital of Arab Women 2020 under the slogan “Woman is Homeland and Ambition”, and this declaration comes as an affirmation to the role of the Saudi women and to the continues support provided to them by the government . The declaration also comes as a prove of the advancement of Saudi women working in high positions, and their presence in local and international occasions confirms that Saudi women obtained and deserved the trust of the wise leadership, which has enabled them to participate and deliver their opinion in the cases of the International Community.


In line with the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve the cases of Arab women and support the development of societies, Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, in February 2020, hosted the works of the 39th session of the Arab Women’s Committee that was held under the slogan “Empowering Women… Development of Society”, which aimed to advance women’s status, support their rights through economic and social empowerment and highlight their leadership and influential role in vital sectors.


To fulfill the dreams, hopes and ambitions of Saudi woman in the field of community service, National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020 increased the participation of Saudi women in labor community, through enabling them to work in higher positions, where Dr. Deema Saleh Alathel was appointed as a representative of private sector institutions, and Deema Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh was also appointed as a representative of civil society institutions.


The government has also established specialized centers and launched initiatives for females to train them to fill leadership position, enabling them to be decision makers. One of these initiatives is the “Leadership Training and Guidance for Female Cadres” initiative aiming at training up to 1,700 females working in the public and private sectors to be promoted to leading positions. The Leaders Development Center also launched “Rakeen” initiative that aims to capacity building for women leaders which enables them to achieve the strategic objectives of charity and voluntary sector via a package of training and development programs that will provide them with the needed leadership skills to promote charity and development organizations and to achieve the social development effectively.


The Saudi woman during the present time is known as an active player in the social sphere through her outstanding contributions to charity and voluntary works and in the service of the society. Saudi women’s charitable efforts are distinguished by following organized and official methods, represented in participating in voluntary associations concerned with women; their education and the difficulties that they face. Some of the associations are independent, while other associations are under the supervision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, which specified numerous programs and initiatives to achieve its strategic objective that aims at supporting women and increasing their participation in the labor market.

The nonprofit charitable sector in Saudi Arabia is witnessing a rapid growth and the woman has a pivotal role in it, attempting to achieve the Saudi Vision and benefiting from the ministries’ initiatives to activate their role to obtain the ambitions of the leadership and the society. The initiatives that have been provided by ministries to empower women include the “Promotion Flexible Work” initiative, which aims to increase the number of female workers in accordance with flexible working hours, and the “Promotion of Remote Working” initiative, which aims to create a flexible recruitment method for those who face difficulty to be in the workplace, in addition to the “Support and Facilitation of Women’s Transportation” initiative and “Providing Care Services for The Children of Working Women” initiative, as well as “Parallel Training to the Requirements of the Labor Market” initiative, which aims to develop women’s personal and technical skills to help them in the labor market.


The conference of the Role of Saudi Woman in Development entitled “Towards a Vibrant Society” that was held in February, 2019 in Riyadh reaffirms the role of Saudi woman in building a vibrant society. The conference was organized by the National Observatory for Women in King Saud University and General Authority for Statistics (GaStat), with the participation of UN Woman and Alwaleed Philanthropies. The “National Observatory for Women’ indicators” were launched in this conference, which are considered as tools supporting the periodical measurement of Saudi woman participation in development. They are also considered one of the tools for developing strategies related to woman in Saudi Arabia.


At the opening of the conference, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Eng. Ahmed bin Sulaiman AlRajhi asserted that the Saudi Vision 2030 has determined the road map and specified all national goals to empower woman, so that she becomes a real and active partner in developing our country, adding that the vision has also developed executive programs and initiatives which will transfer all our hopes into real achievements. He added that the undertaken works to ensure women empowerment in our country with comes with total conviction that is derived from the Islamic principles which give woman all her rights while offering her psychological and social protection.


Eng. AlRajhi also stated that “since the foundation of our country, and its recent take off, the government has paid attention to woman basic rights and needs and achieve this tendency, women empowerment programs have been designed especially in labor and education. At present time, Saudi woman registers high scores in both work and education. Moreover, she participates in many outstanding scientific researches at both local and international levels. Saudi woman also succeeded in the business sector, in addition to the management of corporations, banks and non-profit associations.”


The Saudi woman continues to contribute effectively in advancing development through voluntary work, and the Saudi Vision 2030 believed and focused on developing voluntary work. The wise leadership believed in the importance of voluntary work and provided the positive environment to promote the growth of voluntary sector. Moreover, Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 stated that one of its goals is to increase the number of volunteers from 11,000 currently, to one million volunteers per year by 2030. Therefore, empowering woman in the voluntary sector is one of the pillars to achieve the development plan in Saudi Arabia.


Considering the main role of women in development and the service of the society, the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030 focused on ensuring the women’s full participation in society’s development since development and social construction can not be reached except with the participation of women. The Saudi Vision 2030 provided the support for women, empowering them to build their future as a strategic direction. The Saudi Vision 2030 also believed in the women’s ambitions and worked to develop their skills and to invest her energy, in addition to providing the environment and services which will help her in performing the national responsibilities.