House Legal committee approves Nationality Law amendments

Amman, Jan. 22 (Petra)–The Lower House Legal Committee approved, headed by MP Ghazi Thunaibat, approved the draft Jordanian Nationality Law for 2022.

Speaking at the committee’s meeting on Sunday, Thunaibat said amendments to the current nationality legislation aims to facilitate procedures and address loopholes.

The lawmaker said obstacles are often noticed for certain reasons and circumstances, which requires revisiting and amending the current nationality law.

For his part, Director General of Civil Status and Passports Department (CSPD), Fahd Amoush, said that the current amendments are in favor of Jordanian women who are married to foreigners and enables them to retain their Jordanian nationality.

The draft’s mandating reasons aim to grant the Jordanian woman married to a non-Jordanian, then renounced her Jordanian nationality and acquired her husband’s citizenship, the right to restore her Jordanian nationality, without limiting this process to end of marital life.
//Petra// AG

22/01/2023 16:41:25