JAEC aspires to produce 800 tons of uranium yellowcake annually

Irbid, March 18 (Petra) — Jordan Atomic Energy Commission President (JAEC) Chairman Khaled Toukan said Saturday that the Commission has made “qualitative” scientific and technological achievements, which are attested by the International Atomic Energy Agency and global atomic energy forums.

Jordan is working in line with the visions and directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II towards the transfer, settlement and possession of nuclear energy and harnessing it for peaceful purposes, he said in a statement.

“The Kingdom has made wide strides over the past years towards the goals and aspirations that we look forward to realizing in the future”, Toukan said, adding it all came as a product of Jordanian minds, skills and expertise through the JAEC, which absorbs all technology towards achieving an independent national will through self-reliance and utilization of available national resources of nuclear materials to generate Energy.

The commission, he said, pursues its efforts through the uranium mining project for the production of the yellowcake, while forging ahead with exploration in central Jordan through a specialized Jordanian task force to produce 400 tons of yellowcake annually, and ultimately raise that to 800 tons.

Expert estimates put uranium ore in central Jordan at about 42,000 tons of yellowcake, he said, adding that international standards are being followed in the development of the uranium mining project to guarantee all requirements are met and risks and dividends are calculated.

Toukan said the Commission, with all its facilities and programs, is an outstanding scientific institution and developed global platform for scientific research and nuclear training, which drives progress in Jordan in all knowledge, economic and technical fields.

Mohammad Al-Shannag, Director General of Jordan Uranium Mining Company (JUMCO), said the company’s experts and specialized cadres pursue their endeavor to develop the uranium project in the central region to exploit national uranium resources.

He said the company, which was set up in 2013 to explore, mine and utilize uranium and thorium or any other nuclear minerals, such as zirconium and vanadium, has adopted best international practices and standards in the exploration, extraction studies and industrial design processes.

18/03/2023 15:37:40