Kataeb leader meets United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon

NNA – Kataeb Leader Samy Gemayel on Thursday received United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Joanna Wronecka.

Talks focused on the urgency of electing a president and safeguarding the integrity of State institutions, which are also essential to the countryrsquo;s long-term economic recovery.

During the meeting, Gemayel emphasized Kataeb Party#39;s stance, which considers Lebanon to be in the grip of an armed militia that has paralyzed its institutions and abolished its democratic principles, describing militia#39;s actions as well-defined coup to take control over the country.

He also explained that Hezbollah and its allies are working to buy time, waiting for a shift in the balance of power to impose their presidential candidate and complete their takeover of the country.

Gemayel stressed the importance of the other team breaking free from the pattern of imposition they are following and engaging with the efforts exerted by the opposition to break free from the current impasse.

The meeting was attended by Kataeb Political Bureau Member Alain Hakim as well as the party#39;s International Secretary Marwan Abdallah.