KFSH&RC Uses Modern Technique for Radiation Therapy Planning

Riyadh, September 12, 2023, SPA — The oncology team at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center implemented 4D PET/CT simulation technology for radiation therapy planning in a recent lung cancer treatment case, the first use of this technology in the Kingdom, which highlights improvements in healthcare and the ability to tailor patient treatment plans.
Head of the General Radiation Oncology Unit at KFSH&RC Dr. Ameen bin Saleh Al-Omair emphasized how this significantly improves precision in identifying the tumor’s exact location, particularly in lung cancer treatments. The 4D PET/CT technology adeptly accommodates the tumor’s dynamic movements throughout the different phases of the respiratory cycle, enabling more precise targeting while sparing the surrounding healthy tissues, he said.
Moreover, the 4D PET/CT technology involves the injection of a short-lived radioactive substance into the patient, which accumulates in areas of the body with heightened metabolic or biochemical activity. Consequently, cancer cells appear as bright spots in positron emission tomography scans, as their metabolic rate surpasses that of normal cells.
This technological feat aligns with KFSH&RC’s strategic commitment to harnessing innovative technologies to improve results and optimize operational efficiency. It reinforces the hospital’s position as the preferred choice for specialized healthcare.
Ranked among the world’s premier healthcare institutions, KFSH&RC secured the 20th position in the 2023 world rankings, emerging as the Middle East and Africa’s definitive leader in specialized healthcare, according to Brand Finance.
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