Phone call between Abil-Muna, Al-Hijri: Confirmation of peaceful movement in Suwayda, insistence on rightful demands

NNA – Druze Sheikh Al-Aql,nbsp;Dr. Sami Abil-Muna, and the Spiritual Head of the Druze Sect in Syria, Sheikh Hikmat Al-Hijri, shared a phone conversation on Sunday, in which the latter stressed on the peaceful movement in the Suwayda region and the Syrian state#39;snbsp;obligation to secure the rights of the people and deprived areas.

Sheikh Al-Hijri also affirrmed the right of the upsiring youth to express their rejection of policies of humiliation and neglect,nbsp;noting that ldquo;the distinguished sheikhs and the people in general do not accept the occupation of their country, whatever the type of this occupation, and they totally reject turning Al-Suwayda into a hotbed of corruption and violation of moral and social law.rdquo;
He concluded: ldquo;We rely on God Almighty in what we do and face in the hope of reform and achieving thenbsp;righteous daily living, social and national demands.rdquo;