PM visits Ministries of Interior, Investment, 2nd add

In the political modernization area, the Prime Minister stressed the need to create a suitable environment for partisan work, break the prohibitions that were hindering this process, and remove obstacles and challenges facing it, in addition to empowering women and youth to play their role and enhance their participation in political and partisan work, and educate and raise awareness of the importance of partisan work.

With regard to the economic modernization vision, the Prime Minister emphasized the role of governors and administrative rulers in facilitating the investment process, providing facilities to investors, and removing obstacles that hinder some investments by rectifying them or submit them to the Interior Minister to present them to the Council of Ministers, in addition to protecting investments and developing tourism according to the services provided by the Ministry, thus contributing to achieving the state’s economic goals related to enhancing economic growth rates and providing job opportunities over a period of ten years.

He also called for empowering the private sector as a partner, for its role in achieving the goals of the economic modernization vision which aims at raising growth rates and providing job opportunities, in light of the limited opportunities that the public sector can provide, noting that the numbers graduating to the labor market exceed 100,000 citizens annually, while the capacity of the public sector to absorb these citizens, both civil and military, is modest and does not exceed 15,000.

“The public sector is glutted and works beyond its capacity and human sufficiency, and the public treasury does not allow us to continue with employment because the wage bill constitutes approximately (70%) of our current expenditure as salaries for the civil and military apparatuses and retirees of the two apparatuses,” the Prime Minister added.

Regarding the public sector modernization map, Khasawneh underlined that the government is working through it to restore the brilliance of public administration, achieve the best services for citizens, provide them with facilities, and automate the services provided to them in government institutions and departments, similar to the services that the Ministry of Interior was able to automate.

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23/03/2023 22:43:24