Overview of Qatar News Agency (QNA)

Qatar News Agency, or “QNA” is the official news agency of

The State of Qatar



Qatar News Agency was established on 25 May 1975, by Decree No. (94), to be the second Gulf News Agency and one of the Qatari achievements in the media field.

Throughout its history, the news agency has experienced qualitative and quantitative evolving in terms of working hours and content.

The agency’s broadcasting began for only half an hour a day, and gradually increased to become 24 hours.

Through the years and the accompanying changes, a major quantum leap had to be made for Qatar News Agency to push it forward, and it happened with the issuance of Emiri Decree No. 72 on 11 September 2007, to organize Qatar News Agency.


In all the news it broadcasts, QNA is keen on accuracy, objectivity and impartiality and keeping up-to-date with all events of concern to the State of Qatar at various levels, internally and externally.




“Qatar and World news in your hands”


(reporting news of Qatar and international events to readers accurately, comprehensively and professionally in the fastest and easiest way).




Qatar News Agency seeks to obtain reliable news from various internal and external sources, redistribute it and market it locally and internationally, analyze news and information, prepare comments and studies according to what matters to local and global public opinion, issuing, distributing and marketing them.


  • Qatar News Agency is the main source for news of Qatari officials, ministries, authorities, institutions and all events and activities taking place in the State of Qatar.
  • Work to make the news agency one of the most important sources of news for the Gulf region, and then for the Arab region, reaching to global levels.
  • Adopt a strategy for foreign information based on working to inform the media about the State of Qatar in various fields on the regional and international arenas.
  • Conduct studies, research, and specialized bulletins which the local, Arab and international public opinion is interested in, issuing, distributing and marketing them
  • Conduct opinion polls and extracting local, Arab and international public opinion trends, classifying, issuing, distributing and marketing them through issuing qualitative bulletins in different languages.




  • Excellence in providing press services by making Qatar News Agency the reliable source of high-quality and accessible news.
  • Excellence in providing services to accredited correspondents in the country and to various local and foreign media institutions, and providing them with information and facilities.
  • Work to enhance cooperation and consolidate links and strengthen them with various media agencies and media persons abroad.
  • Improve the skills of the agency’s employees and media professionals inside and outside the agency by organizing specialized courses and workshops to raise the level of the media profession in the country.
  • Work to create constructive partnerships with press and media institutions at home and abroad.
  • Working on the most effective use of technology in providing services within the agency and in archiving and disseminating news.
  • Excellence in filming local and international events and preparing them for distribution and documentation.





  • Adherence to the principles of the sovereignty of the State of Qatar.
  • Adherence to the principles of the Islamic religion and the values of customs and traditions.
  • Commitment to credibility and accuracy.
  • Commitment to journalistic professionalism.



  • Qatar News Agency is a member of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA), which aims to enhance Arab media work so that Arab news agencies become more sophisticated through the technologies and technology they use.


  • QNA is also a member of Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool, as well as the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA), in addition to being a member of the World Press Association.


QNA websites


The official website of Qatar News Agency


Qatar News Agency (QNA) is the official website for the dissemination of official news, in addition to local, Arab and international news. Visitors of QNA website can easily access the information, news, photos and videos related to the State of Qatar.


Live from Qatar website


Live from Qatar is a website broadcasting the State of Qatar’s official television channels and radio stations to the world over the internet, in addition to informing Internet users about the broadcast services of Qatar Media Corporation.


QNA services:


  • Various news services
  • Photo service
  • Mobile news service
  • Telegram service


You can contact and use the various services of Qatar News Agency through the following addresses: