Saudi Proposal to Mark Health Martyr Day Receives Wide Attention in Arab World

Riyadh, March 16, 2023, SPA – The proposal of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to designate March 2 of each year as the “Health Martyr Day” has been welcomed by the Council of Arab Ministers of Health’s 58th session, which was hosted by Algiers. The day will be an important occasion for the Arab world to remember the great efforts of medical personnel in facing pandemics and endangering themselves, especially that the Arab world is full of health practitioners who work with dedication to protect their homelands and set the best examples while facing the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Ministry of Health has established the “Martyrs of Health” Unit in honor of the sacrifices and giving of the martyrs, their dedication to work, setting the most wonderful examples of selflessness, and sacrificing their lives to preserve the safety and health of citizens and residents. This unit shall be concerned with martyrs who have died while on duty or because of an infection that they contracted at work.
These remarks came during the participation of the Saudi Ministry of Health last Tuesday at the 58th session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Health and the meetings of the executive office of the Council of Arab Ministers of Health, where the ministry delegation held several bilateral meetings with a number of delegations representing member ministries of health.
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