Seminar explores troubles confronting print press

Amman, Sep. 12 (Petra) — A symposium was organized and hosted by the Arab House Cultural Forum on Monday evening to unveil the crisis of print journalism and its impact on electronic media and social networking sites.

During the event, Ramadan Rawashdeh, a writer and journalist, spoke about the challenges faced by the print press due to technological advancements that have favored website owners and social media platforms.

Additionally, he emphasized the need for the print press to adapt by transforming into interactive multimedia platforms and training journalists in new media techniques and investigative reporting.

Rawashdeh highlighted that traditional approaches to news using outdated methods hinder the media’s effectiveness. Readers now seek fresh content, given the multitude of platforms and websites that offer quick access to their desired information.

He further noted that despite their speed, social media platforms have significant drawbacks. Some platforms publish inaccurate news and rumors without verifying their authenticity. Additionally, there is a lack of journalistic codes of honor that specify publishing standards.

Elhamy Meligy, an Egyptian journalist, emphasized that the relationship between electronic and print newspapers is complementary, and over time, the integration between the two will increase as they rely on each other.

Furthermore, Meligy highlighted that the current situation represents a conflict between the old and the new, but it does not entail the abolition of the publishing style. The crucial aspect is to focus on developing the old methods to keep up with the new ones since the internet itself is subject to change. Ultimately, the content creator, whether in print or electronic form, holds the essence of glory.

Writer Sarah Souhail, on the other hand, affirmed that electronic news sites and social media platforms have provided an opportunity for anyone proficient in internet usage to become a private newspaper owner. They can blog, edit, and publish content without censorship or prior experience.


12/09/2023 12:45:03