Press release


Federation of Arab News Agencies            The 49th Conference of the General Assembly

          General Secretariat                        Abu Dhabi 15-17/November /2022





Press Release

16-17/Nov./2022 Abu Dhabi


The General Assembly of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA) held its Annual Conference in Abu Dhabi city, with the presence of fourteen Arab News Agencies, on the 16th and 17th November 2022.

Were present at the Conference guests and observers from European News Agency represented by Clive Marshall CEO of PA Media Group, Peter Kropsch Director General of the German News Agency (DPA), Kiril Valchev General Director of the Bulgarian News Agencies, Sergey Mikhailov Director General of Russian News Agency (TASS), Alexandru Giboi General Secretary of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA).

Mr. Mohamed Alrayssi, General Director of Emirates News Agency (WAM) Deputy President of FANA, welcomed the Arab members and guests, followed by Dr. Farid Ayar, the General Secretary of FANA, who noticed in his words the importance of relations between the Arab and European Agencies and supported what the Director General of the Austrian News Agency (APA) and President of EANA Mr. Clemens Pig, that the News Agency act with discretion and with unknown works but have the strongest influence on News Agencies in covering their information directly or indirectly. 

After these intervention, the European and Arab sides started the dialogue with the intervention of Mr. Alexandru Giboi, EANA General Secretary said in his word: “Not many years ago, the future prospects of news agencies were looking bleak, But news agencies proved they had both the organizational strength and the resilience needed to eventually adapt and transform in the needed degree that insured not only their survival, but also their growth.”

Giboi added: “Although the pressure on news agencies and the media in general is huge, I trust that we can and we will continue our evolution by supporting trustworthy journalism with determination, by applying the latest technological advances and by maintaining our loyalty to our customers and to our public. By doing these things we will not only insure the future of media, but the future of our societies”. 

Mr. Kiril Valchev, Director General of the Bulgarian News Agency and President of the sixth World Congress said with a word knowing each other is not only an opportunity for profiting by using each other’s good practices, but also a guarantee of peace. This applies with particular force to the development of relations between the Arab and European news agencies that have come together at the 49th FANA General Assembly.


The topic we were offered to discuss here includes two questions: 1) Is there a possibility to increase cooperation in the field of exchanging news and 2) Is there a need of establishing a framework that brings together European and Arab news agencies? And I think that BTA’s answer to both questions is affirmative. Something more, we have been working to this aim for two years now: through signing new bilateral Partners’ Agreements and Memorandums of understanding with, ultimately, each and every national news agency.

Mr. Valchev noticed that on a larger scale, establishing a framework that will bring together European and Arab news agencies, making them part of a larger family, can do wonders. All news agencies work in different surroundings and societies, under different laws and statutes, in different countries and continents, but besides these differences they do share many topics and do face a lot of common problems: the problems all humanity faces. So, let’s work in pairs and let’s work together; let’s exchange news and staff, let’s meet to discuss global problems and take global decisions, let’s make the phrase “work together” our key-word.  

Then spoke Mr. Clive Marshall, CEO of PA Media Group, and Peter Kropsch Director General of the German News Agency and Sergey Mikhailov, Director General of Russian News Agency (TASS) about the necessity of developing relations between the Arabic News Agencies and the European News Agencies. 


It was agreed, after several directors of Arab news agencies spoke about the necessity of an organization or framework that combines Arab and European news agencies, to hold a founding meeting to be attended by the agencies of both parties in Abu Dhabi in November of 2023 at the invitation of the Director General of Emirates News Agency.


Alexandru Giboi, EANA Secretary General, and Farid Ayar, FANA Secretary General, have been assigned to coordinate between them to hold the said meeting.