TAKREEM AMERICA hosts annual weekend at iconic Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles

NNA – TAKREEM AMERICA, a leading organization dedicated to recognizing the significant contributions of the Arab diaspora, hosted its annual weekend at the iconic Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles on February 25, 2023. The event featured TAKREEM's Awards Night and TAKminds Forum, both of which served as platforms for important dialogues aimed at fostering community and world improvement.

At the Awards Night, TAKREEM AMERICA celebrated the exceptional achievements of selected laureates for 2023, comprising men and women who have made an outstanding impact in their respective fields. Among the honorees were:

1- Prof. Adah Almutairi for the Scientific and Technological Achievement Award

2- Mr. Maher Damak and Mr. Karim Khalil for the Young Entrepreneur Award

3- Ms. Nadine Chakar for the Corporate Leadership Award

4- Dr. Shihab Kuran for the Environmental Development and Sustainability Award

5- Mr. Habib Azar for the Cultural Excellence Award

6- Mr. Solvan Naim and Mr. Ibrahim Al Husseini for the Special Distinction Award

7- Mrs. Micheline and Dr. Francois Nader, as well as, Mrs. Ghada and Dr. Riad Irani for the Lifetime Achievement Award

The Awards Night was hosted by leading anchor and journalist Ghida Fakhry. TAKREEM AMERICA's Founder and Chair of the Board, Ricardo Karam, expressed the organization's honor in recognizing the outstanding contributions and accomplishments of these remarkable individuals and said: « The objective of this annual weekend is to create spaces where people like us, like yourselves, like many more, can come together, from different countries, races, beliefs, genders, and origins. Spaces not only to celebrate change and success, but to learn from those who have achieved them, and help those who seek them. Platforms that celebrate brilliance, success, and changemakers, and help them write their stories ».

The weekend activities included also the TAKminds Forum that featured 25 speakers who shared their experiences and insights on the following core themes:

1. LEADERSHIP FOR SOCIAL CHANGE discussed by Khaled Janahi, Emile Haddad, Micheline Nader, Lynn Mounzer, Sara AbuShaar, Peggy Bedoyian, Meymuna Hussein – Cattan, Thomas Abraham, and Deborah Pandit Sawaf

2. AI AND TECHNOLOGY presented by Adam Taha, François Zayek, François Nader, Mohamed Diab, and Tony Tannoury

3. ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY challenges presented by Maher Damak, Ibrahim Al-Husseini, and Shihab Kuran

4. ARTS AND DESIGN speakers, included Mohannad Malas, and Andy Cohen

5. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT speakers, included Bill Carpou, Jeff Wolfe, Fabian Battaglia, Bryan Liu and Sesha Neervannan

The talks were impactful and eye-opening, providing insights into the future ahead of us and how we can be more prepared to deal with those changes. Attendees gained new knowledge and perspectives on a wide range of topics and left feeling inspired and motivated to make a difference.

TAKREEM AMERICA Annual weekend which attracted more than 500 guests of Middle-Easterners and Americans, was a testament to the unity among the Arab diaspora in the Americas and highlighted the positive impact of Arab Americans on their communities' development in the region. TAKREEM AMERICA is grateful to its patrons and many friends who believe in its mission and made the Event possible through their support.