The conclusion of the negotiation skills course in the southern Jordan Valley

Southern Jordan Valley, November 12 (Petra) – The We Are All Jordan Youth Authority in Karak Governorate concluded today, Saturday, the “Negotiation and Persuasion Skills” course, with the participation of a number of young men and women from different parts of the Southern Jordan Valley.
The coordinator of the authority in Karak, Uday Al-Hamayda, explained that the course aims to activate the most important tools that enhance societal peace among young people by empowering them with a number of skills and tools that contribute to maximizing the values ​​of moderation and moderation.
The trainer, Sarah Al-Kasrawi, said that the course included many basic skills of dialogue and persuasion and how to create an appropriate atmosphere that promotes dialogue as a tool for accepting the other, in addition to a number of interactive exercises and exercises that help enhance persuasion through dialogue and work to prevail in all aspects of life.
The trainer, Lynn Najjar, indicated that the course included many modern skills and tools that contributed to raising the efficiency and capabilities of the trainees in finding ways to enhance dialogue in their daily lives and ensure finding objective and logical solutions to the problems facing society and individuals.

11/12/2022 23:18:04