The start of the activities of the International Conference on the Electronic Games Industry in the Dead Sea

Dead Sea, November 12 (Petra) – The activities of the Global Conference on the Electronic Games Industry (Pocket Gamer Connects), hosted by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development within the 11th Electronic Games Industry Summit, began at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center in the Dead Sea on Saturday.
And participate in the two-day conference, 700 interested in the electronic games industry from developers, workers and international companies, in partnership with the British company Steel Media.
This year, the conference attracts 100 speakers from the pioneers of the electronic games industry, and participants from all over the world exchange knowledge, ideas and studies in the areas of mobile technologies with (Android) and (iOS), computers, software development packages, “blockchain” and “Metaverse” and “XR” through multiple paths.
At the opening of the conference, the technical partner of the Jordanian Games Lab, Noor Khreis, said that the King Abdullah II Fund for Development supports the electronic games industry since 2011, during which it provided support from the foundation stage in the electronic games industry (school students from 14-16 years old) through a challenge competition. Electronic applications, in addition to training, development and logistical support (Jordan Games Lab), as well as providing financial support to individuals and companies through the support window for electronic game developers and the opportunity to network with the most important developers and experts in this field through the electronic games industry summit.
Khreis reviewed the most prominent achievements of the gaming lab, with more than 10,000 members of different ages, establishing 7 laboratories equipped with the latest technologies in the governorates: the capital, Irbid, Aqaba, Maan, Zarqa, Karak, in addition to the mobile lab, as well as hosting the World Conference on the Electronic Games Industry through a summit. The electronic games industry, which has been regulated since 2011 on an annual basis.
On the sidelines of the conference, former Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Wajih Owais, handed Jordanian Rasha Abu Shaddam the King Abdullah II Award for Youth Achievement and Creativity in its sixth session for her project (Martha Education), which aims to reduce illiteracy in the lives of people with hearing disabilities. Targeting deaf children and their families through interactive educational tools and solutions using augmented reality technology and Arabic sign language.
Owais also handed over the winning students to the electronic applications challenge competition in its current session 2022, which was titled “Space.” Al-Qadisiyah Secondary School for Boys in Madaba won first place in the central region for developing the “astro verse” game, and Abdullah II School of Excellence in Mafraq ranked first in the region The North for developing the “Pestro’s mission” game, Basira Secondary School for Girls in Tafileh ranked first in the South Region for developing the “Stare vehicle” game.
The conference activities included announcing the names of those who received support from the funding window to support electronic game developers in its second cycle to develop 4 electronic games: (Wood Reaper), (Mars Adventures), (Canada Kids) and (Manzel).
The conference, which is a great opportunity for participants to learn about everything new in the electronic games industry, to enhance their capabilities in the areas of investment, product promotion, use of various technologies, user acquisition and others.

11/12/2022 19:29:44