Year of Arabic Poetry 2023 Activated at Third Formula 1 stc

Riyadh, March 19, 2023, SPA — The Ministry of Culture has launched the Year of Arabic Poetry 2023 initiative by setting up an interactive pavilion at the Formula 1 stc Saudi Arabian Grand Prix from March 17 to 19, in collaboration with the Literary, Publication, and Translation Commission. The initiative aims to introduce visitors to Arabic poetry, including poets and poems from pre-Islamic times to the present day.
The pavilion features a poetic mural that reflects the initiative’s visual identity, along with an artwork comprising 36 cubes spread over four columns inscribed with poetic verses by prominent poets from various eras. The pavilion also exhibits interactive screens displaying works that form an amalgam of poems and visual representations.
The initiative aims to utilize the radiance of the world’s finest drivers’ challenge competition at the Formula 1 STC Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023, which is being held for the third time at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, to promote diversity, uniqueness, and development in various artistic and creative fields on a larger scale. The pavilion also distributes flyers about the Year of Arabic Poetry and provides visitors with information about the initiative, its objectives, and ways to get involved.
The Year of Arabic Poetry 2023 pavilion offers an educational and interactive journey in line with the initiative’s vision of “Authentic Arabic poetry with a deep-rooted past, a vibrant present, and a prosperous future.” The initiative is held within the framework of cooperation between government sectors to boost cultural presence at the events hosted by the Kingdom.
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