2024 Appropriation Bill is Based on Strengthening Sustainability of Public Finances to Implement Structural Reforms, Enshrine Social State (Minister)

Responding to questions and comments from MPs on the PLF, during a plenary session held by the House of Representatives, Fettah said that the government would work towards a gradual reduction in the budget deficit, which would put public finances on a downward trajectory in terms of indebtedness and strengthen financial equilibrium.

“Despite the weight of external constraints, illustrated by the situation of uncertainty”, the Executive has succeeded in achieving several fundamental objectives, noted the Minister.

The aim is to provide the financial resources needed to implement the social protection project, and to adopt a transparent and clear approach to the reform of the Compensation Fund, in addition to controlling the macro-economic framework, she explained, adding that this achievement is seen as a strategic guarantee to ensure the sustainability of the Kingdom’s public finances.

In addition, Fettah stressed that the implementation of reforms and projects “requires a proactive policy aimed at mobilizing the necessary financial resources”, noting that the pursuit of structural reforms, via support for public investment and the promotion of private investment, will make it possible to consolidate the foundations of the social state and lay the foundations for a more diversified and resilient national economy.

The government, she said, would continue to strengthen public investment by pursuing major basic infrastructure projects and various sectoral strategies, noting that this State investment effort, planned at 335 billion dirhams in 2024, would help to strengthen the basic infrastructure needed by the national economy.

Next year's Appropriation Bill (PLF-2024) is based on strengthening the sustainability of public finances, which is a fundamental condition for implementing structural reforms and enshrining the social state, Economy and Finance Minister Nadia Fettah told the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

15 November 2023