Agreement Signed to Localize Grain Silo Industry in Egypt

Amman, May 12 (Petra) — Jordanian International Beverage Consultancy (IBC) and Egyptian Elsewedy Electric have inked an agreement aimed at localizing the grain silo industry in Egypt, in partnership with Swiss company Buhler Group.

The agreement, as outlined in IBC’s statement on Sunday, underscores the commitment to bolstering food security and sustainable agricultural development in Egypt. Through collaboration with Buhler Group, which will provide cutting-edge technological solutions, and Elsewedy Electric, the agreement aims to forge strong alliances with international technology firms.

Signed in Cairo by Samuel Schar, Chief Services and Sales Officer at Buhler Group, Akram Khreis, CEO of IBC, and Ahmed Elsewedy, CEO of Elsewedy Electric, the agreement is poised to bring strategic benefits to Egypt’s agricultural sector by enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of grain storage and management systems.

Khreis emphasized the shared vision of the agreement in bolstering the sustainable development of the agricultural sector and ensuring food security for present and future generations.

Schar highlighted the agreement’s potential to unlock unprecedented opportunities for technological development, particularly within the African continent, leveraging IBC’s track record of successful projects across the region.

Elsewedy reaffirmed his commitment to localizing key industries and collaborating with international partners to leverage their global expertise and adopt cutting-edge technologies.

He emphasized that localizing strategic industries, such as grain silo manufacturing, aligns with efforts to enhance domestic production, reduce reliance on imports, and pave the way for export opportunities, further solidifying Egypt’s role in regional food security.

IBC, operating in the Kingdom since 2006, specializes in international services focusing on industrial infrastructure preparation, including food processing, beverage production, food security initiatives, and packaging solutions.

With a portfolio spanning more than 500 projects in over 180 locations across 63 countries, serving more than 300 clients, IBC has established itself as a key player in the global market.

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12/05/2024 13:03:55