Agreement to Integrate Persons with Disabilities into Water Sector Inked

Amman, Mar. 31 (Petra) – His Royal Highness Prince Mired bin Raad, Chairman of the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (HCD), alongside Minister of Water and Irrigation, Raed Abu Saud, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Sunday to enhance the involvement, integration, and skill development of individuals with disabilities within the National Water Fellowship Program.

The agreement aims to coordinate efforts to boost the participation of individuals with disabilities in the water sector, improve services provided to them as recipients, employees, trainees, and partners, and ensure that water sector services and facilities are accessible according to disability requirements. It emphasizes the provision of information in accessible formats for individuals with disabilities.

Under the MoU, efforts will be made to train young people with disabilities to join the National Water Fellowship Program, launched by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation with support from the Water Sector Governance Activity (WGA) funded by the United States Agency for International Development.

Prince Mired emphasized the significance of the National Water Fellowship Program in developing the capabilities of young people and integrating them into various water sector facilities.

He called for the active involvement of young people with disabilities in sectoral development through specialized training programs.

Abu Saud highlighted the water sector’s commitment to broadening cooperation with the Supreme Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, underscoring the crucial role individuals with disabilities play in fostering change and addressing water challenges, as outlined in the national strategy.

USAID Mission Director in Jordan, Leslie Reed, described the signing as a vital step toward inclusiveness and integration within the water sector, emphasizing the commitment to equal opportunities and rights for youth and individuals with disabilities.

The Water Sector Governance Activity aims to support sustainable development in the water sector by providing technical assistance for institutional reforms, strategy development, capacity building, and performance improvement to mitigate water loss and enhance water supply efficiency.

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31/03/2024 15:13:00