Agriculture Minister Visits Moroccan Pavilion at International Agriculture Show in Paris

Organized by the Agency for Agricultural Development (ADA), the Moroccan pavilion features approximately 30 cooperative groups that have traveled to Paris to exhibit a diverse range of over a hundred products from the Moroccan terroir. These products hail from the 12 regions of the Kingdom, as detailed in a recent press release from the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, and Water and Forests.

The showcased products include argan oil, saffron, dates, aromatic and medicinal plants, spices, and almonds, with 82 cooperatives representing more than 1,230 small farmers, including 610 rural women (49%).

Themed ‘Morocco, Centuries of Flavors,’ the pavilion provides insights into the rich gastronomic and cultural heritage of Morocco, creating an atmosphere that positions the Kingdom as a much-anticipated annual highlight for the French public.

Notably, terroir product producers have benefited from comprehensive support programs, guidance, and capacity-building initiatives to equip them for the increasingly competitive national and international markets. During the visit, Ministers Sadiki and Fesneau presided over the signing of an administrative cooperation arrangement focusing on technical and vocational agricultural training.

This agreement also extends to higher education in agronomy, veterinary, and forestry, forging stronger ties between the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, and Water and Forests of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty of the French Republic.

Morocco’s participation in the Paris International Agriculture Show signifies the remarkable ascent of its terroir products since 2008. The development strategy, encompassing the entire value chain under the 2020-2030 Génération Green initiative, has played a pivotal role.

The 2024 edition of the Paris International Agriculture Show boasts over 1,050 exhibitors. Established in 1964, it stands as one of the world’s premier gatherings for food and agriculture, attracting consumers, decision-makers, distribution chain operators, and agricultural innovation researchers.

Morocco's Agriculture Minister Mohamed Sadiki, in collaboration with French peer Marc Fesneau, took a tour of the Moroccan pavilion at the International Agriculture Show (SIA) in Paris, a key event running from February 24 to March 3, 2024.
01 March 2024