Al-Breizat: Local investors to build 1,400 new hotel rooms in Petra 

Petra, July 7 (Petra)– Chief Commissioner of Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority Fares Al-Breizat, on Sunday, said a total of 1,400 new hotel rooms will be built in Petra by local investors as part of their investment implementation.

Al-Breizat said that local investors are making every effort to implement their investments despite the challenging conditions facing the tourism sector, because they firmly believe that tourism will recover from its conditions and return to its normal state. This statement was expressed during the visit of Makram Al-Qaisi, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, and the accompanying delegation to local investments under construction in the Petra region.

Al-Breizat noted that the Authority is striving to step up its marketing and promotion of Petra in addition to continuing to give the industry the help it needs to get out of its current difficulty.

Al-Qaisi, for his part, emphasized during the tour the significance of building more hotel rooms in Petra, which will help everyone in the area by generating new employment possibilities for locals and fostering diversity in the hotel industry.

He commended the Authority’s and the Ministry of Tourism’s collaboration, as well as their combined efforts to alleviate Petra’s tourism and business sector by waiving rent for Authority renters this year and enacting a package of measures pertaining to social security, income, and sales taxes.

On the sidelines of the visit, the Marriott Hotel in Petra announced plans to add 70 more rooms, and the cornerstone for that project was laid.

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07/07/2024 19:39:08