Al-Rahi during Easter Mass: For making every effort so that our country is not drawn into a war that affects its south and other places

NNA – Maronite Patriarch, Cardinalnbsp;Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, presided this morning overnbsp;Easter Mass at the altar of the quot;Chapel of the Resurrectionrdquo; in Bkirki.

In his Easter sermon, the Patriarch highlighted the meaningnbsp;and message of this holy occasion, considering that our culture is one of peace-making and not war, and one of advocating negotiations and not disagreements. He, thus, called on all those responsible to endeavor with every ounce of effort quot;so that our country is not drawn into a war that affects its south and other places.quot;

He said: quot;After the resurrection of Christ, man became able to reconcile with God through repentance, returning to Him with remorse, repenting for offendingnbsp;Him and unitingnbsp;with Him through love…If he did, he would be able to reconcile with his fellow man, with every human being, starting with the opponent, for here lies Christian heroism. Otherwise, we would be outside the event of Christrsquo;s death for the sake ofnbsp;our sins, and outside of his resurrection to sanctify us (Romans 4:25).rdquo;

The Patriarch raised prayers to Jesus Christ, who was victorious over sin and death, to grant every human beingnbsp;through hisnbsp;crucifixion and resurrection, the grace to follow this path, quot;so that we die with you for our sins, and rise with you to a new life…Amen…Christ is Risen!quot;