Amman Hosts Forum on Investing in Digital Economy

Amman, May 26 (Petra) – The “Invest in the Digital Economy” Forum, titled “Amman, Capital of the Digital Economy,” commenced this Sunday morning in Amman, organized by the Jordan Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Development.

The forum aims to bring together stakeholders in the digital economy and modern technology from Islamic countries under the umbrella of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Development. The primary objective is to discuss the institutional framework for advancing the digital economy in Jordan and other member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Participants include representatives from various governments and ministries, leading experts and researchers in the digital economy, international organization representatives, prominent businessmen from OIC member states, and small investors who have founded tech investment companies.

The forum seeks to position Amman as the digital economy hub for OIC countries, contribute to knowledge exchange through robust digital economy content, and foster trade relations between Islamic countries, Jordan, and the global community.

Over the two-day event, the forum will focus on promoting the digital economy in Jordan and the broader Islamic world, highlighting key investment features, showcasing Jordan’s investment landscape, and empowering entrepreneurs and small enterprises.

Key seminars will address topics such as the role of governments in boosting digital economy investments, the contributions of chambers of commerce to the digital economy, private sector success stories, and challenges faced by emerging companies.

The forum will also announce the Digital Economy Competition, designed to stimulate entrepreneurship and support emerging companies within OIC countries. Winning projects will be selected by a jury of experts from Islamic nations.

//Petra// AJ
26/05/2024 10:56:25