AND Disposes of Confiscated Narcotics in Ongoing Enforcement Efforts

Amman, May 29 (Petra) – The Anti-Narcotics Department (AND) executed the destruction of confiscated narcotic drugs from 107 closed cases on Wednesday, as part of its continuous efforts to uphold the law and safeguard society from the perils of drugs.

This disposal of illicit substances extends from AND’s rigorous operational endeavors to combat drug trafficking across all regions of the Kingdom. The Public Security Directorate’s (PSD) spokesperson emphasized the firm stance taken against drug dealers and traffickers, including those involved in fatal drug-related incidents, ensuring their prosecution and mitigating the proliferation of narcotics in society.

The PSD collaborates closely with the Jordan Armed Forces – Arab Army, security departments, and Jordan Customs to prevent the smuggling and trafficking of narcotic substances, added the spokesperson.

The cases addressed encompassed a range of offenses, including trafficking, possession, and smuggling. Confiscated quantities consisted of 13.141 million Captagon pills, 2,211 kg of hashish, 118 kg of marijuana, 9 kg of cocaine, 23 kg of crystal methamphetamine, 6 kg of synthetic marijuana powder known as “Joker,” 1,250 kg of khat, and 20,000 narcotic pills.

The destruction process, overseen by a specialized committee, employed special ovens reaching temperatures of 1,000 degrees Celsius to ensure thorough incineration and fragmentation, stripping the substances of their narcotic properties.

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29/05/2024 13:41:43