Armed Forces Conduct 10 Humanitarian Airdrops in Gaza

Amman, Mar. 31 (Petra) – The Jordan Armed Forces – Arab Army, conducted Sunday 10 humanitarian and food aid airdrops across various locations in the northern Gaza Strip, with the involvement of 6 supportive nations.

Participating in this mission were two aircraft from the Royal Jordanian Air Force, alongside planes from Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, the United States (four aircraft), Germany, and Britain.

This effort reflects Jordan’s ongoing commitment to offer additional assistance to Gaza residents during Ramadan, symbolizing the cooperative bond and solidarity between the two nations.

The Armed Forces underscore their continuous provision of humanitarian and medical support, either through airlifts from Marka Airport to El Arish International Airport, airdrops over Gaza, or ground convoys.

The tally of airdrops conducted by the Jordan Armed Forces since the onset of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip now stands at 65 from Jordanian resources and 119 in collaboration with allied nations.

//Petra// AJ
31/03/2024 14:05:44