Committee Reduces Fuel Prices for July

Amman, June 30 (Petra) – The Petroleum Derivatives Pricing Committee announced on Sunday changes to fuel prices for the period from July 1 to 31.

The selling price of 90-octane gasoline has been reduced to JD 0.9 from JD 0.915 per liter, and the selling price of 95-octane gasoline has been lowered to JD 1.14 from JD 1.155 per liter. Conversely, the price of diesel has been increased to JD 0.705 from JD 0.7 per liter.

The committee also decided to maintain the price of kerosene at JD 0.62 per liter and to keep the price of a domestic gas cylinder (12.5 kg) fixed at JD 7 per cylinder.

During its meeting on Sunday, the committee reviewed the international prices of crude oil and petroleum derivatives for June and compared them to the prices in May. The global price rates indicated a decline in the prices of both 90-octane and 95-octane gasoline, while the price of diesel increased during June.

After applying the pricing formula based on international prices to all petroleum derivatives, the committee determined that the price of 90-octane gasoline decreased by JD 0.015 per liter, the price of 95-octane gasoline also decreased by JD 0.015 per liter, and the price of diesel increased by JD 0.005 per liter.

//Petra// AJ
30/06/2024 16:28:36