Cybercrime warns against sharing e-wallet verification codes

Amman, June 27 (Petra)– The Anti-Cybercrime Unit issued a warning about the risks involved in disclosing the verification code that you obtain through text message to other people for any purpose when carrying out an electronic transaction.

Lt. Col. Mahmoud Al-Maghaira, the head of the Cybercrime Unit, emphasized that electronic wallet codes belong to the wallet owner and should never be shared with anyone or any unofficial organization, regardless of the assurances they may offer.

He clarified that an electronic fraudster could use a deception technique to trick the victim by posing questions about the victim’s line of work and whether the victim has an electronic wallet that allows prizes to be transferred to it. Then, the perpetrator would ask for the victim’s account confirmation code and ask him to give it back to him; at that point, the victim would be a victim of fraud.

He emphasized that the Anti-Cybercrime Unit works in conjunction with the Central Bank of Jordan to alert the public about the dangers of disclosing personal or financial information. The unit also monitors Internet fraud cases, ascertains the identity of Internet users, and tracks the flow of funds and their beneficiaries.

He stressed the need to confirm the pages and sites being dealt with through contact information, locate the institution, and ensure that the person managing this page is an advertiser whose identity is known.

He also warned of the dangers of sharing information, personal data, national numbers, and bank accounts with fraudulent parties working to create fake sites and pages.

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27/06/2024 23:15:26