Deal Signed to Advance Water Harvesting Projects

Amman, May 14 (Petra) – The Ministry of Water and Irrigation inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Inter-Islamic Network on Water Resources Development and Management (INWRDAM), affiliated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, to collaborate on water harvesting projects across the Kingdom.

The MoU, signed by Secretary-General of the Jordan Valley Authority Hisham Alhesa and Executive Director of INWRDAM Marwan Alraqqad, aims to address the impact of climate change, mitigate drought and alleviate water scarcity through enhanced rainwater harvesting efforts.

Alhesa said the partnership seeks to bolster strategic cooperation in combating drought and optimizing water resource management. The focus lies on exploring the construction of underground dams and securing funding for such endeavors, he said.

Underground dams offer advantages, including improving groundwater conditions, enhancing water spring sustainability, and minimizing evaporation rates compared to surface dams, he added. They also ensure the provision of high-quality water to remote areas while promoting efficient water utilization and reducing wastage.

Alhesa further highlighted the Jordan Valley Authority’s commitment to expanding cooperation with international organizations to explore innovative water harvesting techniques, manage sudden floods, and maximize rainwater utilization.

Alraqqad said the MoU will help address challenges to Jordan’s water sector, particularly given the country’s abundant rainfall, which exceeds consumption levels by six folds. However, geological and climatic factors often lead to substantial water loss, he pointed out.

He underscored the importance of water harvesting projects funded by the Dutch government for over 37 years in aligning with Jordan’s water sector strategy. These initiatives aim to empower water sector management to confront challenges through innovative approaches like underground dams, drawing on experiences from leading countries to benefit Jordan and the wider region.

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14/05/2024 15:20:04