Death Toll Due to Israeli War on Gaza Rises to 37,626 Martyrs

Gaza, June 24 (QNA) – The number of casualties due to the ongoing Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip since October 7, has risen to 37,626 martyrs in addition to 86,098 injured, Gaza’s Ministry of Health said in a statement on Monday.

The statement added that 28 martyrs and 66 injured were whisked off to Gaza’s hospitals due to the Israeli offensive in the enclave during the past 24 hours, with numerous martyrs and wounded still under rubble and on roads, as medical and civil defense personnel are unable to reach them.

The Israeli occupation army continues its intense and unprecedented onslaught in the enclave for the 262nd day through launching airstrikes and assaults from land and sea, thus perpetrating pogroms against the Palestinian civilians, which resulted in tens of thousands of martyrs, injured and missing people, along with massive devastation of the critical infrastructure, engendering unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in the enclave.

Notwithstanding the heads-up from United Nations agencies regarding the worsening humanitarian situation in the enclave, Israel continues to launch war on Gaza, giving no qualms about the two resolutions issued by the UN Security Council requesting Israel to stop the war immediately, along with orders from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on ending its incursion into Rafah city south of the enclave and taking measures to prevent the genocidal acts. (QNA)