Denmark’s Mads Mikkelsen Applauded at Marrakech Film Festival, Hails ‘Splendid Recognition’ of Scandinavian Cinema

In an exclusive statement to MAP, Mikkelsen commended the Marrakech International Film Festival, referring to it as “unforgettable for filmmakers from Scandinavia.” He conveyed his joy at being part of this celebration, emphasizing its role in showcasing the invaluable impact of Scandinavian cinema on the world of film.

The visibly honored Danish actor remarked that receiving such recognition serves as a positive indicator and an encouragement for artists to persist in the right direction.

The ceremonial presentation took place during the festival’s opening night, with Mikkelsen being handed the coveted Étoile d’Or by esteemed American actor William Dafoe.

In his acceptance speech, Mikkelsen expressed gratitude to the organizers for the invitation to this international event and for the honorary award. He also conveyed his deep happiness at returning to the enchanting city, previously visited as part of a celebration honoring Scandinavian filmmakers.

The decision to honor Mads Mikkelsen during the 20th edition of the festival stems from his distinguished global artistic trajectory. Recognized as one of the rare contemporary actors excelling in both Hollywood blockbusters and European auteur cinema, Mikkelsen’s powerful allure, bold role choices, and adept reinvention from one film to another establish him as one of the most luminous and respected actors of his generation.

In addition to Mikkelsen, the Marrakech International Film Festival will bestow the Étoile d’Or upon Faouzi Bensaïdi, a highly regarded Moroccan director. Organizers hail him as a trailblazer in Moroccan cinema and one of its foremost representatives on the global stage, with his films consistently earning acclaim at major international festivals.

Renowned Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen expressed his gratitude for the tribute paid to him at the opening ceremony of the 20th Marrakech International Film Festival on Friday. He described the honor as a splendid recognition that highlights the significant contribution of Scandinavian cinema to the global stage of the seventh art.
25 November 2023