Direct Social Assistance: A Qualitative Initiative Addressing Major Social Issues, Says Baïtas

Addressing these issues also involves evaluating the social programs put in place during the previous stage, Baïtas stressed at a press briefing following the Government Council’s meeting.

In the field of housing, the aid system previously in place showed its limitations in targeting the relevant categories, he said, noting that citizens did not feel any support or assistance for acquiring social housing priced at 250,000 DH.

The government has assessed this program (support for social housing) and concluded that it is not suitable for the current stage, stressed Baïtas, pointing out that direct assistance will be granted to the families concerned, according to criteria that enable the relevant categories to be directly targeted.

Through this new assistance system, whether for housing, health, or daily household needs (such as butane gas, sugar, and flour), the Executive aims to establish a relationship of trust with categories in need, with a view to achieving a certain maturity in the management of the social sector. This is based on public policies that contribute to lifting social categories in precarious situations out of poverty, he continued.

The government attaches particular importance to the role of the family in all its programs, convinced that it is the cornerstone of society. This approach is not limited to economic and social aspects but also emphasizes authentic Moroccan values based on dignity, freedom, and respect, he concluded.

Direct social assistance, initiated at the instigation of HM King Mohammed VI, is a qualitative initiative aimed at addressing major social issues, said, on Thursday, Mustapha Baïtas, Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of Relations with Parliament, Government Spokesman.

02 November 2023