Direct Social Assistance Program, A Carefully-Thought Royal Project for More Inclusive Morocco (U.S Expert)

This development is due to increased sales in the construction segment (+10.69 billion dirhams), the wiring segment (+8.92 billion dirhams) and the vehicle interiors and seating segment (+1.74 billion dirhams).

At the same time, sales in the electronics and electrical sector rose by 30.7% to 17.27 billion dirhams at the end of September 2023, while those in the textiles and leather sector were up by 7.2%, boosted by higher sales of ready-made garments (+9.1%) and hosiery (+6.4%).

By contrast, exports in the aeronautical sector fell by 4.8% to 15.46 billion dirhams.


Exports from the automotive sector reached more than 103.41 billion dirhams during the first nine months of the year, up 33.1% compared with the same period in 2022, according to the Office des Changes (Foreign Exchange Office).
01 November 2023