EU-Jordan Business Forum (ad 2)

EU Ambassador to Jordan Pierre-Christophe Chatzisavas hailed the forum as a testament to the robust relationship between Jordan and the EU, founded on a shared vision of economic prosperity and sustainable development.

Chatzisavas highlighted the forum as a platform for Jordanian and European companies to showcase their products and services and foster dialogue among commercial entities.

Supported by key partners, including the Jordan Europe Business Association, the forum aligns with the objectives of the EU’s Global Gateway initiative, which seeks to promote investments in smart, sustainable, and secure infrastructure worldwide.

Additionally, three dialogue sessions were conducted on the sidelines of the forum, which addressed enhancing Jordan’s role in the green economy, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources, the Kingdom’s leadership in the digital economy, the EU’s support for entrepreneurial ventures, and challenges encountered by Jordanian products in EU markets.

//Petra// AO
11/06/2024 15:11:12