Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, International Platform of Intercultural Dialogue (Spain’s Ambassador)

This festival, which has transcended its regional borders to achieve international prominence, represents an annual rendezvous to “promote dialogue and understanding between cultures and civilizations”, he pointed out in an interview with MAP.

The Spanish Ambassador welcomed his country’s participation as a guest of honor of the 2024 edition, themed “The Quest for the Spirit of Al Andalus”, stressing the historic and cultural ties between the two countries.

The festival, which honors Andalusian Nubat, Cantigas, Ladino Chants and Flamenco, is a platform to celebrate culture in its larger sense, he added, emphasizing the spirit of Al Andalus as a symbol of a civilization built on the meeting of the three monotheist religions and their cultures.

The Spanish diplomat said that his country will be strongly represented during the ten days of the festival through music performances, including renowned Flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo and Raices musicales gallegas group.

He also stressed the excellent cultural ties between the two countries, based on numerous common points between Spanish and Moroccan societies, as well as geographic and human proximity that favors creative exchange in various fields, adding that this proximity promotes the implementation of joint creative projects in art, music, education and scientific research.

He cited, as examples, the joint events organized by both countries to strengthen intercultural dialogue, like the Festival of African Cinema of Tarifa-Tangier (FCAT) in Tangier.

Fez Festival for World Sacred Music and its forum, which were created in 1994 and 2001 respectively, are part of the city’s scholarly, artistic and spiritual tradition.

In 2001, the festival was designated by the UN as one of the main events that contribute to the dialogue of civilizations. The event rallied artists with international fame from all horizons, who shared their quest for the sacred.

Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, whose 27th edition is scheduled for May 24 May to 1st June, is an international platform of intercultural dialogue, Spain’s Ambassador to Morocco, Enrique Ojeda Vila, said.
23 mai 2024