FM, Greek counterpart hold talks in Athens, 4th add

For his part, Gerapetritis expressed his country’s unlimited appreciation for Jordan’s position in protecting Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, effectively and actively, and in protecting multiculturalism and religious tolerance in a very sensitive region.

“Jordan has been fundamentally and significantly affected by recurring regional crises, and Jordan hosts millions of Palestinian refugees in its territory and generously and magnanimously provides a safe haven for them,” Gerapetritis said.

“In this tragic situation in the Middle East, Jordan has been working regularly, with commitment and moderation, to achieve peace and stability in the region and to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza, and the most important recent initiative was to organize an international conference with Egypt and the UN Secretary General to send urgent humanitarian aid to Gaza,” Gerapetritis added.

In response to a question about the ceasefire and peace in the region, US President Joe Biden’s plan, and Arab participation in Gaza after or during the war, Safadi said: “A ceasefire is a permanent demand for us and our partners in the international community, and therefore we support every effort aimed at reaching an exchange agreement to reach a ceasefire, and we appreciate the efforts made by Egypt, Qatar and the United States to reach this deal, but we all heard what the Israeli Prime Minister said two days ago that he does not want a ceasefire and wants a temporary truce after which he continues the war, and this icontradicts with the essence of Biden’s initiative.”

“We call on all parties to work towards reaching a just deal that guarantees a permanent ceasefire and the release of all Israeli and Palestinian prisoners and detainees, as a step towards beginning to stop the humanitarian catastrophe imposed by the aggression on Gaza,” he added.

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26/06/2024 19:45:12