FM, Greek counterpart hold talks in Athens, 6th, final add

“The United Nations is unable to deliver aid because it is targeted, and the protection conditions that these organizations need are not provided by Israel. On the contrary, we have seen many UN aid convoys targeted in Gaza, and the number of humanitarian aid workers and employees in Gaza killed by Israel exceeded 200, about 193 of them from UNRWA, so for aid to reach, the obstacles that prevent it must be removed, and this lies in opening the crossings, bringing in enough aid, and enabling UN organizations to carry out their duty freely without the risk of being bombed or killed,” Safadi referred to the United Nations reports during the past two days.

“There is a new danger for which Israel is also responsible now, which is the collapse of order in Gaza, and Israel, as the occupying power, is absolutely responsible for every Palestinian child who dies of hunger, or a mother who dies for lack of medicine, or a family that loses its life because there are no hospitals for it, Israel is the occupying power, and it is the one who prevents the delivery of aid, and the steps required of it are clear and have been stated by UN organizations working in the field, but unfortunately these steps have not been implemented so far,” he added.

In response to a question, Safadi said, “The danger of expanding the war is real and increasing, and the only way to prevent it is to stop the aggression on Gaza, stop the escalation against the Palestinian people in the West Bank, reach a permanent ceasefire, respect international law, respect the UN Charter, and launch an action plan with a specific goal, the two-state solution, with clear timelines to resolve the conflict at its roots.”

//Petra// AF
26/06/2024 19:45:27