Foodstuff Traders Union Launches Feeding Initiative

Amman, May 5 (Petra) – The Foodstuff Merchants Union announced Sunday the initiation of a feeding initiative, aimed at providing sustenance to families experiencing food insecurity across diverse regions of the Kingdom.

President of the union, Khalil Haj Tawfiq, revealed that the union’s administrative body unanimously agreed to launch the initiative during its session held yesterday evening. Driven by a sense of national duty within the food sector, the initiative seeks to alleviate the plight of families grappling with food shortages.

In a statement issued Sunday, Tawfiq outlined the union’s commitment to fostering partnerships and alliances with both official and private entities, notably including the Ministry of Social Development and the Department of General Statistics.

The primary objective is to compile a comprehensive database pinpointing regions within the Kingdom most urgently requiring food assistance. Emphasizing the union’s commitment to year-round support, Tawfiq stressed that provisions would be sustained beyond specific seasons.

Highlighting the initiative as a moral obligation of food sector merchants towards vulnerable communities facing food insecurity, Tawfiq affirmed that the union would promptly commence food distribution to families most in need.

Tawfiq underscored the initiative’s alignment with national endeavors to achieve sustainable development goals, combat hunger, and extend assistance to vulnerable groups across all regions of the Kingdom.

//Petra// AA
05/05/2024 11:00:04