Geneva: Morocco Places Industrial Investment at Heart of Global Development Project (Minister)

Morocco is keen to implement its development project in a context of stability and social peace because the challenge is not only to achieve growth but also to stimulate inclusive development for all segments of Moroccan society, Mr. Sakkouri told a plenary session of the World Leaders Forum, marking the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

In this context, the minister noted that Morocco has concluded a series of free trade agreements that have opened up a vast market for national products and has adopted public policies aimed at rehabilitating the environment for highly productive industrial sectors.

Morocco, he added, has made significant advances in a new generation of industries, notably the automotive and aerospace sectors.

The official highlighted Morocco’s success in developing a promising offer for investment in renewable energies, particularly in the field of green hydrogen, stressing that the Kingdom is working towards trebling investment in renewable energies.

Held by UNCTAD under the theme “Charting a new course for development in a changing world,” the Global Leaders Forum is an opportunity to reflect on the lessons learned over the past six decades and to map out a new path for the future of trade and development worldwide.

The event features a two-day program of meetings with the participation of heads of state, heads of institutions, economists, and leading experts. 

Participants will discuss innovative ways of addressing sustainable development issues and strengthening UNCTAD’s role and influence in the field of trade and development, with a focus on the needs of developing countries.

Morocco is banking on the structural transformation of its economy through a new-generation industrial policy aimed at implementing a comprehensive and integrated development project, Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment, and Skills, Younes Sekkouri, said in Geneva on Thursday.

13 June 2024