Gitex Africa: Digitization Is Essential Lever for Decarbonization (Panelists)

The panel, held under the theme “Racing against the tide in the quest for net-zero energy,” called for digitalization to help overcome the obstacles of climate change.

Speaking at the event, Mbarka Bouaida, President of the Guelmim-Oued Noun region, noted that digital technology offers promising prospects for addressing the growing challenges of sustainable development, noting that Morocco, aware of the digital transition’s inherent challenges, chose early on to harness new technologies as a lever for development.

She pointed out that the Kingdom, under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, had been developing a national strategy for the energy transition to solar and wind power since 2008, with a view to achieving the zero-carbon objective by 2050.

“This goal also requires the use of modern technology,” she told MAP, stressing Morocco’s efforts to foster innovation in this field by supporting “micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises working on modern technologies.”

For his part, Larbi Touahir, head of training at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, noted that investing in and capitalizing on digital technologies was also a matter of “benefits versus costs.”

“Of course, the use of digital technologies will generate a carbon footprint, but with careful monitoring, we will succeed in reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” he said, highlighting the importance of capitalizing on digital technologies.

In this respect, Mr. Touahir noted that “for data centers not to emit astronomical quantities of carbon, we need to invest massively in renewable energies,” which is why Mohammed VI Polytechnic University has opted to “invest in green hydrogen.”

Gitex Africa 2024, which featured over 1,500 exhibitors representing more than 130 countries, is positioned as a hub for exchanges on the latest technological developments.

Digitization and other digital technologies could become essential tools for accelerating decarbonization and combating climate change, participants pointed out at a panel discussion held on Friday in Marrakech as part of Gitex Africa.
01 June 2024